About Us

Smart Tap Solutions was started because of the lack of transparency, strategic thinking and the limited access to better ad delivery technologies for SMBs. 

The platform we work with provides premium features, used by major advertisers.  This allows us to deliver custom solutions with measurable results across multiple devices, using one tool.

Smart Tap Solutions offers proven targeting technology, combined with a diverse range of 3rd party data.  Our approach offers many competitive advantages to a broad range of industries, including cost, reach, audience refinement and scale.

We work with business owners and managers to find better ways to reach their target audiences, in today’s fragmented advertising landscape.

Smart Tap Solutions is...

A Digital Agency

We develop strategies using the best technologies, to ensure your ads reach the right audience to drive conversions.

Forward Thinking

We are always exploring new ways to reinforce your brand, reaching people across different devices throughout the day.

A Problem Solver

Fresh ideas and common sense are two key ingredients to the creative solutions we deliver.  We are driven by challenge and results.

Customer Support

Advertising is fast paced and ever changing.  You need someone you can count on.  We are committed to providing exceptional service and campaign management.