More reach & more revenue

Whether you need more ad space, that aligns with your brand’s audience, or you are looking for ways to grow your digital revenue, we have solutions for you.

Smart Tap Solutions specializes in delivering online display ad campaigns using powerful DSP technology.  

  • Build your online portfolio of offerings and increase digital revenue.
  • Leverage our knowledge, training, support and technology to keep your operating costs down.
  • Access strategic programs that deliver great value, measurable results and repeat business.
  • Provide additional reach and exposure to your advertisers that can help grow their business.

Agencies, Publishers, Radio Stations and Flyer businesses can all benefit from our custom digital programs. Pair your offerings with our powerful online advertising platform and precision targeting to extend your reach and zero in on key audiences. 

With over 18 years experience in the media industry, Smart Tap Solutions has the knowledge and skills needed to create successful custom strategies for you and your clients.